Mission We at EBG have been working in the field of Agriculture since 2003. As a leading company of growing and exporting agricultural products, we have taken it on ourselves to provide world class quality of agricultural products being planted in the best Egyptian soils, watered by the best water resources of the groundwater Both time and quality of product are our continuous aim, well-timed shipments, and transparent business approaches are our key to being a leading reputable company. Before delivering products to our customers we deliver value and trust.  


Vision Our challenging world of limited resources is becoming in more need of agricultural products day after day. By the middle of this century, world population would have risen to 9 Billion people. Feeding this enormous amount of people, with high quality of agricultural products requires us to develop and merge the best farming traditions with the most innovative technology.  We at EBG provide healthy, fresh and sustainable products.  


Values Reputation is simply the key to success, trust can be earned through time and relations. The strong values of a firm that wants to be number one in market must roam around reliability, dependability and commitment. We seek always to be at the summit as we believe that success is easy mission, maintaining it is the harder one.