Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are one the most popular, fresh-eating varieties. Sweet and easy-to-peel.

Packing: 8, 15 kg carton.

Season: November till February.


Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are the most popular orange in the world, sweet and have a distinctive bright colored juice. As a result of the unique color of the juice, many orange juices are made from Valencia oranges.

Packing: 8, 15 kg carton.

Season: January till June.





Adalia Lemon:

lemon is a good source of potassium, full of the most famous juice. 

Packing: 15 kg cartons & plastic box.

Season: September till March.







Mandarin – Murcott

Murcott is the most important type of experiment in recent years and the next 10 years. The first production of this country which is highly appreciated by many exporters. This kind of sapling producers have sold the most in the last few years and played a very big role in the domestic market for the last two years. Murcott appeals to consumers with its smooth skin, bright dark orange skin color, honey-like sweet taste and unique flavor. The crust is easily peelable and the fruit weight is approximately 120 grams.

Packing: 8 kg plastic box.

Season: January till April.





Pomegranate has a citrus taste and and very juicy. There are lots of drinks and even foods that are prepared with the pomegranate fruit. Pomegranates have a favorable effect on strokes and heart disease as it helps in lowering cholesterol level.


  • Baladi: The very Egyptian varieties with light red color & sweet strong taste, known also as Manfaloty.
  • Wonderful
  • Early 116

Packing: 5 kg carton & plastic box.

Season: August till December